Nowhere do they take coffee more seriously than in Italy. Drinking coffee is a lifestyle in the best coffee country in the world. That status was achieved with commercial spirit, good taste and of course the invention of the espresso machine. Centuries ago, in and around Venice, coffee beans were brought ashore in shiploads.
The oldest coffee house in the world has been in Piazza San Marco since 1720. Floriano Francesconi then opened the Caffè alla Venezia Trionfante, later renamed the now world-famous Caffè Florian. Venice is a city full of lions. ‘Il Leone’ is even the city’s mascot and an annual Golden Lion is awarded at the Venice Film Festival for exceptional acting performances. The Venetian baristas master the art of making coffee like no other. The best espresso only comes about when all the conditions are met. That starts with the perfect blend of IL LEONE. Life is beautiful or ‘La vita è bella!’



In the golden age, Dutch merchants succeeded in smuggling a few coffee plants from Arabia to the native colonies. At the time, that action testified to ‘lion’s courage’ and was not without consequences. The coffee plants thrive in the fertile mountain regions of West Java. The colonial treasure in the form of raw beans passed directly from the ports to the many steam coffee roasters in our country. Decisive pioneers became ‘Hollandsche Meesterbranders’ who still provide us with the very best coffee of constant quality in sublime flavours.
We are a sober people, fond of traditions, proud of our tolerance, freedom and commercial spirit. Unique in conviviality, together in Orange, creative in design and when we work, celebrate, win and be together we want to enjoy. With a superior cup of coffee from Den Leeuw, the silent power of Dutch Master roasters.


The search for sustainably grown ‘honest’ coffee leads us to Latin America.
There, families of Maya Indians, in cooperatives, manage small plantations with inspiration and spirituality. Respect for the earth and working on a balance between everything that is there is at the top of the rich Mayan culture. That is why you will find no pesticides in our ‘LOVE’ coffee, but only 100% organic cultivation according to traditional methods. The coffee bushes grow between shady trees, which also help to protect the fragile ecosystem. You don’t have to be a hippie to understand that these are the ingredients for the best organic coffee. Our coffee roasters use it to roast the most beautiful coffee blends, the result is a velvety smooth coffee: LOVE!